About Us


We are led by multi-award-winning sales and commercialization recipient and authority, Craig T. Ingram. His vast career experience working in the MedTech, Biotech and Pharmaceutical healthcare technology industry has awarded him effective and handsome results for growing business consistently over 2.5 decades. He has a solid track record of serving and guiding executive leadership, senior management, as well as coaching lower and moderate performing sales representatives to become more effective in their strategic execution in adopting and converting customers. He has grown business repeatedly and has sold many different types of medical technologies such as; surgical devices, SaaS digital health software, implantables, diagnostic testing, imaging and Bluetooth® monitoring devices into every patient-treatment focused entity that is available.


Mission: To reduce or eliminate the unnecessary pitfalls many companies face when launching products, services and complex technologies into the healthcare marketplace. Bringing more efficient and less complicated implementation and execution to the commercialization and sales implementation process.

Vision: Give more value than clients expect, in resulting from effectiveness of direction given and processes followed


We don’t work with companies; we work with people. People make or break a company’s effectiveness. We challenge ourselves to become integrated with the objectives and makeup of the organization. Real and authentic collaboration propels successful outcomes. It’s the business intelligence we gather, assess and breakdown to see where the holes need to be filled. Once the intelligence data is broken down, then we can analyze the 5W’s. Who, What, When, Where and Why? We don’t have a “one size fits all”. We customize what is needed for massive revenue generation, market share increases and ultimately profit.

Craig works and leads by an ethical code. He asks people NOT to listen to what he and his team says…He asks people to WATCH what he and his team does for them. Actions with deliverables speak VOLUMES! He believes in giving more value than what people pay for his and his team’s services. Going the extra mile is what has been validated and verified from thousands of people over 26 years in his career. He has worked with and has invested in business deals with 4 billionaires and 6, 9-figure entrepreneurs. Loyalty is what Craig looks for when working with clients and it starts with him and expects reciprocation.